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Forest Scene


       RANGE HOURS   9AM-6PM

Summer Hours may vary 
Wednesday - Saturday 9am-6pm

Membership Info

         Can't sleep? Come Shoot!
Being a member allows you and one other person 24/7 access to the range. 

Range Rules

  1. Firearms brought into the building must be unloaded

  2. No holstered weapons are allowed on the range

  3. Persons under the age of 21 must be with a guardian 

  4.  two shooters per lane without range officer approval

  5. no steel  jacketed or steel core ammunition

  6. no rifle caliber or black powder weapons allowed

  7. keep weapons pointed at backstop at all times

  8. handle all firearms, ammunition and magazines in booth 

  9. no food, drink, or substance allowed in range 

  10. leave loaded or jammed firearms on booth and notify range officer if there is any problem

  11. Do not exchange firearms between lanes 

  12. no rapid fire 

  13. Cease fire: on this command remove magazine, open action and lay firearm down and step back from the line

  14. Anyone with a medical disorder which may create a safety hazard must notify range officer before entering range 

  15. Range officer will bar anyone believed to be handling firearms in an unsafe manner or on any substance

Cost of Range and rentals

Cost of our rentals is 15$
Cost of renting range is 15$
Cost of 5x Punch Card is 60$
Cost of 8x Punch card is 80$
Cost of membership is 275$

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